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Grow your business with Touchify

The only software that allows you to create digital signage AND interactive experiences in a single interface.

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Partner ≠ Distributor

Brand distribution does not guarantee privileged relationship.

Loneliness in the face of your customers' digital challenges can quickly be felt.

Good news! We do not recruit distributors, we build partnerships. 😉

4 Good Reasons to join our Partner Program

Rentabilité - 1

Increase your profitability

arrow-dark-blue A SaaS model that generates recurring revenue.
arrow-dark-blue A special price with reduction allowing you to increase your margin.
arrow-dark-blue Qualified leads in your geographic area.
arrow-dark-blue Exclusive design tools to propose projects with high added value.
arrow-dark-blue Market solutions to position you as a solution provider and put an end to the price war.


Support - 2

Get advanced support

arrow-dark-blue Continuous training for technical teams.
arrow-dark-blue Pre-sales support to answer calls for tender or validate a technical feasibility.
arrow-dark-blue Responsive after-sales phone support.
arrow-dark-blue Exclusive resources to give you sales and marketing support.



technologie - 1

Stay on top of technology

arrow-dark-blue A growing investment in R&D.
arrow-dark-blue A co-financing program to support your innovative projects.
arrow-dark-blue A recognition of the Open Source community with more than 2 million annual downloads of our contributions.
arrow-dark-blue Innovations recognized and subsidized by state systems.



Mise en avant - 3

Be in the spotlight

arrow-dark-blue Highlighting your expertise through communications
arrow-dark-blue A partner portal to support your activities.
arrow-dark-blue Co-financing actions when you achieved your objectives.



Here is an overview of our software

3 - Picto création

Limitless creativity

With our creation studio, interactive experiences and digital signage come to life in the format of your choice.

6 - Picto moniteur

An universal application

Compatibility is ensured on the main operating systems on the market: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Tizen, BrightSign...

4 - Picto contenu

Ready-to-use templates

For the most common applications, our templates allow you to customize displays according to your customer's needs in just a few clicks.

8 - Picto types daffichage

An open software

Connect to business software, customer relationship management software, loyalty card reader, etc.

10 - Picto meilleur

Broadcast groups

Create groups to organize your screen fleet, configure your devices remotely and distribute your content according to your organization needs.

9 - Picto exemples

Data analysis

Touchify Analytics allows you to obtain encrypted data in real time and remotely to measure the impact of your interactive devices.

Touchify partner testimonial

Discover the testimony of iToile, digital signage integrator and furniture manufacturer.

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